ESCAPE with a Ribena Light

The "Rolls Royce," of cordialsIts 14:59.

Too close to lunch break for a break you  might  say?

I say BOO that…..time for a refreshing gulp of Ribena Light. Without any of the added sweetness of its ‘fat,’ dark purple counterpart Ribena Light is potentially the best and most refreshing drink on the planet. Unfortunately it is disappearing from supermarket and newsagent shelves fast which is why I feel people need to be informed of its greatness.

Important things to know about Ribena Light

A carton counts as one of your five a day! Whoop

Cartoned Ribena Light is incomparably better (and cheaper) than the bottled version. It is actually also much better than buying the syrupy stuff…unless you have the midas touch and are able to mix it up to perfection every time you pour.

Put your Ribena Light in the freezer for 20 minutes (45 mid-summer) prior to drinking. This will enable small Ribena crystals to form that will melt in your mouth when you are drinking.

Never try own brand stuff or squash brand variations- chances are it will be sticky, sweet and rank, plus even if it works out ok, it’s NEVER as good as the real deal.

Don’t be fooled by the Blackberry flavour…the packaging is dangerously similar, as is the berry, but blackberrys AREN’T the same as blackcurrents and taste bad when Ribena-d (Take note, the pomegranate and raspberry flavor is surprisingly good)

Ribena Really Light is EXACTLY the same as Ribena Light.

Its now 15:09. A more acceptable time for a break and I’m gonna escape from the office to Sommerfield to indulge.

For 786 more words on Ribena Light  check out this website:


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