ESCAPE with Stanley Donwood

As the genius behind pretty much all of Radiohead’s artwork Stanley Donwood holds a place true to my heart, which is why I have given his ‘Eraser,’ image pride of place on my Blogging page. The picture  is actually titled “Cnut,” and now graces my laptop screen and both computer screens at each of my work places. Basically i like to look at it all day, every day now.

Ive been trying to pinpoint where my fascination with Donwood stems from. My mild obsession with Radiohead undoubtedly plays a major role, but that’s more a catalyst in my finding him,  than the reasoning behind my fixation. His images are eerie, melancholic & apocalyptic without being depressive.  The cute (but often angry) characters that inhabit Donwood’s worlds are a reminder that his works and consequently passionate human emotion (and perhaps human existence dare I take things one step further?) should not be taken too seriously.  His works are optical illusions that transport me to another beautiful but disastrous universe.If you let them, they will speak to you in weird and wonderful ways.

For Radiohead by Stanley Donwood

For Radiohead by Stanley Donwood

“Cnut’ for example. As someone who  drops the “C-bomb,”  infrequently/ never, i would be lying if I said that I think it as rarely as I speak it.  In this case I think Donwood illustrates the voice of the thinker….and aptly describes whats running through my head when Im not calling someone a c*nt but am definatley thinking it.

As in – would you get the fuck away from me….you are BANISHED henceforth….arghh!!!!!!!!! (RAAGE)

Donwood takes us on a journey  to a visual place inside the mind where no one ever really knows what is going on- the world of the unsaid. Thoughts are as mysterious as his shady black coated protagonist dude and their paths as erratic as waves in a storm. Maybe its just me, but Donwood can draw my thoughts…and thats why I love him.


For more on Stanley Donwood visit his site:

By Stanley Donwood for Radiohead

By Stanley Donwood for Radiohead

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