ESCAPE to Glastonbury!


Today we enter the Glastonbury 3..2..1.. countdown.

APPROPRIATLEY, this has led me to  reflect upon and rate festivals gone by.

I eased onto the festival ‘scene,’ with a trip to  The Isle of Wight Festival after my first year of university. To be honest, I was so young and enthusiastic then, that I think a hippy themed 21st would have done the trick.  If I’m going to be slightly cynical it was perhaps a tad middle aged, but we had a great time sipping on cider and watching Ray Davis.  Pete Doherty did also play with a black lace strapped round his arm which was totally awesome.

7/10 – Because we were first timers and therefore complete Rookies.

The next time we took things up a notch and went to Rock Ness. Although practically a new born in festival terms, (2007 was Rock Ness’s second year,) with Norman Cook as it’s creator, Nessy was able to pull in an UUUBER line up.  I had a bit of a moment during the Chemical Brothers –  mist was rolling in from over the Loch as the sun was setting – it was all a bit WOW. The following night, Daft Punk put on one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing/ expereincing.

9/10 – Good Name. Great Music. Beautiful Setting and quite surprisingly fantastic weather. However points have been deducted due to the racist attack that occurred on our tents by  Scottish chavs with a bottle of mustard.

Last year was Melt, which takes place in a disused mine outside of Berlin. Very German. Very Kraftwerk. Melt was pure, blissful, indulgence for the techno geek within. It was Gui Boratto though (and his intelligent dance music) who stole the show.

8/10 – Because it rained A LOT and I didn’t get to see the Whitest Boy Alive because it was full?!


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