EPILOGUE (for an Epic time)


Glastonbury was everything I hoped it would be and a whole lot more. The  ELEVEN HOUR drive from London was fairly interesting and most definitely a challenge, however, propelled by the free flowing sounds of my passenger (and friend) Henry’s IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) we made it.

Glastonbury is amazing because for the four or five days, you are existing in a parallel universe. As a music enthusiast, I find it surprising when I say that the music wasn’t the best thing about Glastonbury. Music was the force that brought Glastonbury goers together, but the magic of my experience lay in the extra activities and the quirkiness of our surroundings; the Harry Potter like flags blowing in the breeze, the city of tents that became our home, the night sky full of floating lanterns. Different fields and areas became like different worlds within this other universe. There was something intensely liberating about my time at Glastonbury. I think that it’s easy to feel restricted and sometimes trapped by life in London. There’s the everyday routine that many of us abide by, the constant rules, regulations, pressures and parking tickets that govern our lives. These just didn’t exist there, time didn’t even exist there. Once you were through gates you were free to roam and do as you pleased.

Any further description of what goes on at Glastonbury would be pointless, you can only understand how good it is by experiencing the festival first hand. If you let your guard down. Glastonbury WILL bring out the inner hippie in you and it WILL be amazing.

Top Tips:

1. If you are coming from London don’t be fooled by AA route finder or any other websites that claim to calculate the “fastest route,” for you. I was duped into taking the A37 and got caught in traffic moving at an approximate rate of 1 mile/ hour. It took me 7 hours to drive 7 miles and having left London first out of our group, my car arrived at our campsite in last place – by about 5 hours.

2. Wellies are BEYOND ESSENTIAL.

You can not survive at Glastonbury without Wellies. Even though the weather was glorious for the most part of the festival, it  takes a megre ten minutes of rain for the entire place to become a swamp.

– side note- take plasters too because Wellies are a bitch.

3.  I’m going to sound like my mother when I say this but…take care to drink plenty of water during the day, even if you are afraid of having to pee in the HIDEOUS loos. Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way and fainted in the crowd during Neil Young.

4. If heading to Glasto in a large group like we did may I recommend Argos’s twelve man Tipi. £110 was a small price to play for what became the focal point and community centre of our camping spot.

5.  Head to the Big Easy Jam Tent in the Park where you can pick an instrument (I chose Cow Bells) and rock out with you freinds.

6. Catch the sunrise at The Stone Circle….. it’s mesmerizing.

7. For a new and incredible dancing experience find the small igloo in Shangri La. Together the shape of the club, the awesome music and  visuals of packman and Licorice Allsort robot men circling 360 degrees above your head, enable an engulfing clubbing experience.

8. Remember that you ARE at a music festival so embrace the 10am bass line.

9. Always welcome conversation with randomers… especially those who look like they are on acid. Their chat will most likely be hilarious and they will sometimes even teach you cool new words such as “PUMPSIN,” which you can take back home with you and teach to all of your friends.


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