ESCAPE to The Hideout


My first shoot that I have worked on for The Hideout came out in a German magazine called StreetWear last week. For “Here Come the Heads,” Graffiti artist TEK 13, and I collaged our office walls and floor with old posters from the store. We invited friends and family of the Hide Out (boys only,) to pose for us and photographer Neil Bedford combined forces with stylist Stephen Mann to pull together a distinctivly relaxed, black and white set of portraits that reflect the Hideout  vibe down to a T. I’ve chosen a couple of my favourites here. To see the full 10page shoot check out StreetWear July/August/September, Issue 29.




5 responses to “ESCAPE to The Hideout

  1. i cant work out how to read that stupid magazine.

    Could you please put the Terry Hall pictures up?

  2. Cheers, mate.

    Flicks look great.

  3. will be on by tomorrow – I have to get it from work

  4. Lookin’ foward to it.

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