ESCAPE with a snog

For those of you that think snog is one of the most irritating words in the english slanguage, let me tell you that up until a week ago, I would have put myself forward to be leader of your alliance. However…whilst wondering through Soho during a lunch break, I came across something  that forced me to reconsider my opinion of the word.

Snog… so I learnt, is a new chain of Frozen yoghurt stores. Take my advice : you can not let your snog agitation prevent you from enjoying one of the most delicious and refreshing summer treats that the streets of London have to offer.

For you see…beyond the rubbish name, lies a world of frozen yoghurt…and an innovative modern marketing and branding experience. I had a natural snog which I got with blueberrys and strawberries on top. After one taste it all made sense to me. Snog is a brightly coloured with fun interiors… snog is a delicious frozen yoghurt that’s healthier  than ice cream (organic ingredients and ZERO fat) and snog is a concept that brings modern kitsch to London – in a  Harijuku kind of way. Furthermore….it’s about bloody time that London got some frozen yoghurt…they ‘ve had it in LA for donkeys years. With that all in mind I decided that I really like snog and that I’m gonna snog a lot more should I be around Soho on my lunch break.


For those of you that choose not to listen to me and still find it annoying….


check out the snog blog  –


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