ESCAPE with Steve Strange

Steve Strange just called our office. Having always known that he’s good mates with my boss, I’ve been waiting to intercept one of his calls for about 6 months and today was my lucky day. As it turned out, our chat was better than I could ever have hoped for. It went a little something like this:

STEVE: Who’s this?

ME: Sara…Can I take a message?

STEVE: Nah Nah Sara, If you re to take anything from this conversation,  it should be this….You got a pen?

The Contract is possibly in tact.

It’s in Korea and its insincere.

No longer taken

by a smiley grin

and the shake of a fake tan handshake.

So maybe if in Britain


Literally…not a clue. LEGEND.


Our conversation inspired an impromptu Visage session as a kind of office tribute to Steve and his strangeness…..Fade to Grey.. Oh What a tune!

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