ESCAPE with Alice in Wonderland

I could not be more of a fan of Alice in Wonderland. LOVE the book. LOVE the characters. LOVE the storyline. LOVE the Disney film – great songs. But lets be honest…one of the best things about Alice in Wonderland, is that Lewis Carroll was probably as high as a kite when he created this masterpiece and lets be even more honest, little blonde Alice frolicking in her brightly coloured cartoon Disney Land conveys little of the dark intensity that we associate with the original novel.  So I assume I am not alone when I say, for this….. I CAN NOT WAIT…….

– watch out for some familiar faces, the cast is ridiculous!(ly good)


One response to “ESCAPE with Alice in Wonderland

  1. Wasn’t the film very disappointing? I was very exited too Tim Burton and Lewis Carroll sounded like a dream come true (only thing better would be Jules Verne) but it lacked.

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