ESCAPE with Jeremy Scott

Last Thursday was a very wonderful day. Last Thursday was the day that I was lucky enough to receive my very own pair of Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings. I have been admiring (and obsessing over) these trainers from afar for a couple of months in various fashion magazines and online. Until last Thursday they were but a legend. A trainer so beautiful, it was almost intangible.

It all happened in a meeting I attended with Adidas, during which a girl walked by carrying a jumper shaped like a Giraffe.  Jeremy Scott is a fashion designer from Kansas City whose wacky street designs and collaborations have won him acclaim within the world of high fashion and with the likes of Madonna, Kanye West, Bjork, Nas & Kelis to name but a few. Scott’s style is bold and eccentric, iconic and ironic, and the Giraffe  jumper had his name written all over it.


Having spotted it mid-meeting I could not restrain myself from abandoning all forms of etiquette and yelping in the manner of a crazed boyband loving teenager  – ” OMG, OMG thats by Jeremy Scott!” I proceeded to rant on about how I was in awe of his winged Greek-god/ess like, 80s style basketball trainers before remembering that I was indeed in a business meeting and should proabably shut the hell up. Quite amazingly it was thanks to my uncontrolled display of heated Scott/Adidas passion that I found myself in the Adidas stock room with a pair of white wings in my hand and a beaming smile on my face.


With wings on my ankles I feel like I could take off at any moment. With wings on my ankles I feel like I am walking on air. Have I ever actually worn my wings out in public I hear you ask? Well no, not yet. I am waiting for the right time to present itself, which I am sure it will. At the moment I am quite content to prance around my flat in them every now and again or to gaze at them, sitting there, pristine on their blue adidas box in my bedroom.

Thankyou Jeremy Scott and thankyou M@Adidas for my wonderful, wonderful gift.

To indulge in a bit more of Jeremy Scott’s Wild creativity (I’m also a huge fan of his Carebear militia fabric) take a look at his website –

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