ESCAPE with a postcard


It recently occurred to me that I am no longer a collector of anything. Collecting something is a great idea because it keeps you alert, interested and means you ll always be on the look out for something new to add to your collection. Seeing as I am an escape artist with an interest in escape art (and am admittedly untidy with a tendency to clutter) I have decided that postcards are the thing for me. Traditionally postcards are tools with which traveling escape artists can show off to friends/ family back home, however it has only taken one week as an official postcard collector for me to realize that they are a true art form. These are some of my favourites…..



3 responses to “ESCAPE with a postcard

  1. Love the original Nintendo GameBoys.

    I used to collect postcards and my walls were adorned with them. It’s a pretty easy thing to collect, they are practically ubiquitous in London.

    With such a plethora of creative, bizarre (and free) postcards out there, but also a load of shite ones, you’ll have to be a pretty discerning collector.

  2. If you’d asked me 2 weeks ago I would have owned you in a postcard off, but regrettably I just redecorated my room and my collection is on it’s way to be recycled…

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