ESCAPE with The Beatless Collection (Vol.1)

Who needs beats when you can go Beatless?

The Beatless Collection is the ULTIMATE chill out album…and not in a boring Cafe del Mar kind of Way.

Featuring mellowed out mixes of songs by techno greats such as Gui Boratto, Trentemoller and Deadmau5, it’s as though this album has consciously been crafted to lull listeners into a twinkling, techno induced, afternoon beach snooze  – the kind that we all fantasize about at three o’clock on a Monday afternoon in London.

Probably best not to listen to this whilst at work… but anyone who is planning on doing any form of chilling out any time soon should have a go at doing it to this album.

Available to listen to on Spotify.


One response to “ESCAPE with The Beatless Collection (Vol.1)

  1. Can’t get enough of Umbrella I see.

    Nor can I.

    This album is great!


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