ESCAPE with Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is most definitely the man of the moment and his current exhibition affirms that his ‘moment’ is in no danger of being a fleeting one. Here is an artist who is certain to transcend modern hype and make it into the history books. Set in the Royal Academy, Kapoor confidently defies Academy founder Joshua Reynolds’ discourse didactics to provide audiences with his own wordless artistic lessons.


Let his “yellow,” suck you into a luminous void, a happy place that I could have hung around in for hours. Let his “Shooting in the corner,” captivate and fascinate you: a canon is loaded with giant red wax bullets and dramatically shot through the Academy doorways at 50mph. Kapoor’s unique take on the concept of live art ¬†invites viewers to a performance with Pollock -esque consequences.


He boldy confronts visitors with new ideas presented in ways that will affect you both visually and physically. Walking into the exhibition we are faced with a gargantuan metal sculpture that upon first impressions bears an uncanny resemblance to a giant ass.¬†This is powerful and alluring art that speaks for itself. Anish Kapoor is on at the Royal Academy until December 11th….Check it out.



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