ESCAPE with Isabel Marant (Glam Rock meets London Bad Boy)


When I was working in Paris this Spring I almost had one of those Romantic movie moments that everyone dreams of. Picture this: me running through the cobbled side streets of the left bank. It’s pouring with rain and I’m drenched. Mascara is running down my cheeks, my socks are wet and I’m like totally melancholy. Through the heavy rain drops and mist something catches my attention. For some reason unbeknownst to myself I am lured by a mysterious force towards it; my savior. A gorgeous Parisian Yves Saint Laurent male model you ask…mais non, not this time. Instead a gorgeous Parisian boutique, with a clothing collectiong that wasn’t far off perfection. Seriously. These were clothes that girls really want to wear. Casual but elegant, the various mini skirts and boyfriend blazers called out to me with their ‘Glam Rock meets London bad boy’ style ( and French accent.)


Of course I couldn’t actually try anything on, I was soaked. So I settled for a peruse comforted by the fact that I promised myself that I would return the following day – avec mon carte de credite. What I had accidently, and very fortunately stumbled upon was up and coming French designer Isabel Marant’s left bank boutique which, over the past two seasons has become an essential stop off point on the Parisian Fashion map. Unlike other high fashion labels, Marant’s clothes are effortless, wearable, affordable and extremely desirable. Marant is already pretty sorted on the model front with the likes of Lara Stone, Lilly Donaldson and Raquel Zimmerman recruited for her catwalk team and with stores due to open Los Angeles and Soho, New York next year, it won’t be long before Marant’s loose hippified pieces become a staple part of every fashion follower’s wardrobe. Fingers crossed she’ll decide two Soho’s are better than one and set up shop next in London where her clothes can be put to good use seducing the bad boys that inspire them.

Fall 09 Isabel Marant - Leopard


One response to “ESCAPE with Isabel Marant (Glam Rock meets London Bad Boy)

  1. avec “ma carte de crédit ” even if “avec mon carte de crédite” is really cute ^^

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