One response to “beatles

  1. Well! I’ve been into this exhibition last December…

    And i really liked it, it was quite interesting to see how the 60’s developed … and realise that the 60’s were the bust of creativity that provided a new vision and freedom to what becamed our days…

    I was a little bit dissapointed, that i couldn’t take any picture! well i’m from Portugal, and i would like to have a little picture to remember later :s
    but well I brought the book and the memory…

    so the closest I could get of the memory of the “Beatles to Bowie” exhibition were by your photos! Thanks…

    and i really loved too those four portraits of the beatles …. and the amazing Julian Opie Blur Portrais … that i was really amazed to see near the “Beatles to Bowie” entrance!!! i would really loved to take a picture of that too! …

    well… that’s the way it is…

    Peace and
    Rui from Portugal

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