Escape up North.

Not literally. Although there is nothing wrong with escaping up North. I went to Manchester once and it was pretty good. York has a street that looks exactly like Diagon Alley and I’ve yet to experience better bass than I did at Exodus at the West Indian Centre in Leeds. Far more convenient for the lazy Londoner however, would be if the north were brought down to us……and luckily in December it will be…….


Having battled it out and established themselves as pros on London’s underground scene (and my, what a spectacular battle it has been,) on December 3rd notorious northern graffiti crew One Trick Pony will take their artistic talents overground for the first time for their aptly titled debut exhibition “Its Grim Up North.”

In an exhibition that promises to be brimming with Northern attitude and street style, the seven OTP boys will be taking over The Reebok Lounge in Shoreditch to deliver an array of contemporary artwork and illustration, digital print, motion graphics, animation and 3-D installation as well as other surprises.

white back

In celebration of the exhibition OTP have joined forces with iconic streetwear label Stussy to produce 100 special edition T-Shirts that will be available for purchase from HIP, Leeds and The Hideout, London

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