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100 Reasons to save the vinyl (Parts LXI – LXXX)

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100 Reasons to save the Vinyl (Parts XLI – LX)

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27th Tallest Building….

Oh! the beauty of the concrete jungle. Give me geometry. Concrete + Glass = beauty (Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder)

Built between 1963-1966, Center point was one of the first skyscrapers in London and is now the 27th tallest building in the city. I went to Tottenham Court Road to indulge in the hideous beauty of one of London’s most notorious architectural contradictions. ….


merry christmas. seasons greetings. happy holidays.

100 Reasons to save the Vinyl (Parts XXI – XL)

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Another Icon…. Grace Jones

Soooooooo Rihanna thinks shes Grace Jones now…..

Think again love…………

100 Reasons to SAVE THE VINYL (Parts I- XX)

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Beats, Rhythms, Rhymes, Life.

Allen Ginsberg with Bob Dylan

Jack Kerouac & his “libertine circle,” of Beat writers revolutionized modern thought in the 1950s by opening minds up to an alternative bohemian existence. Emphasis was on rejection of ┬ámainstream American values, sexual experimentation, demystification of drugs and exploration of Eastern spirituality. Beat writers were pursuers of a new intellect, they were hedonistic, spontaneous creatives. They were travelers who spoke of gritty life experiences. This is one of my favourite beat poems….It’s by Allen Ginsberg, gay poet and Beat legionnaire….watch out..he speaks the truth….

Cosmopolitan Greeting by Allen Ginsberg

Stand up against Governments, against god.

Stay irresponsible.

Say only what we know and imagine.

Absolutes are Coercion.

Change is absolute.

Ordinary mind includes eternal perceptions.

Observe what’s vivid.

Notice what you notice.

Catch yourself thinking.

Vividness is self-selecting.

If we don’t show anyone, we’re free to write anything.

Remember the future.

Freedom costs little in the U.S

Advise only yourself.

Don’t drink yourself to death.

Two molecules clanking against each other requires an observer to become scientific data.

The measuring instrument determines the appearance of the phenomenal world after Einstein.

The Universe is subjective.

Walt Whitman celebrated person.

We are an observer, measuring instrument, eye, subject, Person.

Universe is person.

Inside skull is vast as outside.

Mind is outer space.

“Each on his bed spoke to himself alone, making no sound.”

First though, best thought.

Mind is shapely, Art is shapely.

Maximum information, minimum number of syllables.

Syntax condensed, sound is solid.

Intense fragments of spoken idiom, best.

Consonants around vowels make sense.

Savour vowels, appreciate consonants.

Subject is known by what she sees.

Others can measure their vision by what we see.

Candor ends paranoia.

Me n’ my Gruffalo

Been hanging out with my Gruffalo Carol.

Four days and counting….

And if I wasn’t already excited enough Opening Ceremony have collaborated with Spike Jonze to bring out Max’s iconic one-piece playsuit. sexy. as well as an entire clothing/accessories line inspired by the book and its characters….

To see the whole line visit the opening ceremony site

Hot Date….

Hot / Fit / Bare Buff / Studs