Alienness is a question of viewpoint

I’m reading a book at the moment called The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. It has everything you need to know about the concepts contained in the phrase “Science Fiction,” the major themes of the genre; the imaginable futures, the frontiers of the mind, the hostile worlds of commerce and the idolatry of  Utopia. There are chapters on magazines and pulps, heros and heriones, aliens encounters, machines and monsters Not only is it dam interesting, but the pictures are to die for….

When I grow up I wanna be just like her…..

I wanna live on a planet like this…..

And fight in epic battles like this….

With weapons like this…..

Ill leave you with Chris Morgans thoughts on Aliens…

Alienness is a question of viewpoint. The bizarre creatures and ecologies of another world are alien enough, but man himself can be alien, as can his world in the far future or the far past. Even his mind, much modified, can become an alien thing. When examined closely, the alien in science fiction is all of it.

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