Current Aff-hairs

A most important topic, worthy of vigorous study and scrupulous investigation….here goes.

GOOD Hair…

BAD hair…..


GREAT hair…..

Some styles are not transferable …


Bad hair, good coverage….

Too many distractions…..

Good hair…(if not a little greasy)

This is really bad…..

Good hair does not come with maturity

The struggle of the politician….

Example 1.

Example 2.

Although…. proof that hair and politics can be allies…..

Good hair (there’s a time and a place)

Wrong time, Wrong place

For fashion’s sake…

GaGa-antuan mistake

I’m partial to a a bit of a birds nest…

The Dream..

4 responses to “Current Aff-hairs

  1. Pixie, Pixie… I suppose attempting to look attractive by having lovely groomed hair would only illuminate the blindingly obvious

  2. Peaches is actually also sporting a mullet that has been disguised by hair extentions she has borrowed from Courtney Love.

    I have proper ginger roots in my fam and it will be my worst nightmare if I give birth to a child who looks like that kid under Bowie…

  3. That baby under Bowie is soooo cute, how can you say something like that? I would love to have such a beautiful baby!

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