From the Basement

A good friend of mine recently sent me a link to a website that has been taking up so much of my time of late that I though it a crime not to share it.

From the Basement provides online audiences with HD videos of musical performances shot in “the basement.” As the brainchild of Radiohead/ Beck producer Nigel Godard, it is unsurprising that even in the early stages of the site’s life, its video library consists of a line up some of the industry’s highest rollers, including personal favourites Queens of the Stoneage, Fleet Foxes, The White Stripes, Beck & Radiohead.  Without the added pressures/ stress and general bull shit associated with the production of official mainstream music videos or T.V performances, musicians are able to play what they like, in surroundings that they are totally at ease in.  Godard’s mission; to provide audiences with “performances that might be seen as the truest state of their artists work,” is one that I feel he has already fulfilled.  This website  gives you raw, no strings attached performances by some of the greatest bands around, shot beautifully with near to perfect sound . Its like being at the most intimate of all gigs, whilst sitting in front of your computer..check it out.

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