neo boy

I was lucky enough to receive a silver Undercover bangle as a gift from a colleague today. The bangle is totally awesome and is inscribed with a Patti Smith poem . It’s called Neo Boy and was originally published in 1978 as part of her book “Babel.” It goes a little something like this….

Neo Boy by Patti Smith

neo boy, neo boy, neo boy,

neo boy melts in jelly machine,

the whole thing is how he can change the scene or be a changeling,

transformation is relative says neo boy.

tropical plants shiver.

what can you say about habitat that hasn’t been said before?

greedy children lap up radioactive jewels spit in the dunes by these so-called know-it-alls.

soon the gleaming bones of innocents will be scattering the sands and some enterprising old soul will gather them up in an old leather bag and sell them to a contact.

some kinda contact.

some kinda roman woman or some kinda bird head.

Someone will come,

a beautiful though thoughtless,

childless shrew who will rearrange the bones with all the discreet adoration of a Japanese boy adjusting his weapon.

neo boy.

he dons,

he dons his bird head,

he dons his bird face mask and plucks up a sharp metal star and cuts a new scene from a sheet of copper.

what can you say about habitat that hasn’t been said again?

we take these pieces of paper.

these precious sheets.

we bend them into birds and we fill the illiterate…

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