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27th Tallest Building….

Oh! the beauty of the concrete jungle. Give me geometry. Concrete + Glass = beauty (Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder)

Built between 1963-1966, Center point was one of the first skyscrapers in London and is now the 27th tallest building in the city. I went to Tottenham Court Road to indulge in the hideous beauty of one of London’s most notorious architectural contradictions. ….

ESCAPE to the National Portrait Gallery..BEATLES TO BOWIE, the 60s Exposed


Last night saw the opening of a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Entitled Beatles to Bowie, the 60s Exposed, the exhibition’s 150 images explore the musicians and personalities who contributed to London’s “Swinging,” scene in the 1960s. As well as iconic photographs taken by the likes of David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Duffy and Norman Parkinson, the exhibition features many rare and previously unseen images of musical legends such as The Kinks, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Bowie…to name but a few.


Also Included in the exhibition are many album sleeves and original memorabilia from exhibition curator Terence Pepper’s personal collection. When asked what the exhibition meant to him, Terence told me;  ” The central message is a simple one. Its about recognizing the power of music and its ability to change the world.”


An essential artistic destination for any true music enthusiast, or anyone wishing to brush up on their History of Rock/Pop, Beatles to Bowie, the 60s Exposed will be running at The National Portrait Gallery until 24th January. These psychedelic Beatles prints by Richard Avedon were my favourite.



ESCAPE with Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is most definitely the man of the moment and his current exhibition affirms that his ‘moment’ is in no danger of being a fleeting one. Here is an artist who is certain to transcend modern hype and make it into the history books. Set in the Royal Academy, Kapoor confidently defies Academy founder Joshua Reynolds’ discourse didactics to provide audiences with his own wordless artistic lessons.


Let his “yellow,” suck you into a luminous void, a happy place that I could have hung around in for hours. Let his “Shooting in the corner,” captivate and fascinate you: a canon is loaded with giant red wax bullets and dramatically shot through the Academy doorways at 50mph. Kapoor’s unique take on the concept of live art  invites viewers to a performance with Pollock -esque consequences.


He boldy confronts visitors with new ideas presented in ways that will affect you both visually and physically. Walking into the exhibition we are faced with a gargantuan metal sculpture that upon first impressions bears an uncanny resemblance to a giant ass. This is powerful and alluring art that speaks for itself. Anish Kapoor is on at the Royal Academy until December 11th….Check it out.





ESCAPE with Tek13


As part of the notorious One Trick Pony  design Crew, Tek13 is one of East London’s most prolific Graffiti bandits. His street art is easily distinguishable through it’s vivid affiliation with pop art-inspired design  and has seen him dally with the likes of the late King of Pop – Michael Jackson, party with Paris & Nicole and hang with Kanye (fishdicks) West. As I prepare to embark on my very first street art project  I had a chat with Tek13 to get the London street art lowdown and to thank him for making my home such an interesting and vibrant place.

Me: Ive watched my brothers get territorial with their airplane armrests. This follows suit on our streets with drug dealers and gangs……therefore I can only conclude that the same applies to the Graffiti scene. You and your crew are originaly from York, was it hard/ dangerous to break onto the scene here?

TEk13: When I first arrived in London I didn’t know a single person so yeh, that was pretty intimidating…it’s a huge city after all. I moved down here in 2006 and over time mates from OTP have joined me. Establishing ourselves in London was a gradual process; we had to make ourselves known… and yeh – being known does come with its fare share of trouble. There are a lot of haters.

Me: Why exactly is that….do I detect a certain amount of jealousy on the streets?

Tek13: Well yeh I suppose our success will have something to so with it. Originally we were a Graffiti crew but now we’re a lot more. We always stay true to our graffiti roots in everything we do but as we have evolved as artists, so too has our art.  We never restricted ourselves to fit in with the “Underground” stereotype, this way we were able to transgress boundaries and find our own place within the commercial world. I suppose there are those devotees to the underground scene that view us as traitors to the cause, whereas we believe we are pioneers of a new one.

Me: Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?

Tek13: Yeh I got asked to do some art work for the band Muse -Ive never listened to their music though!

Me: I have!!! I was a big muse fan back in the day…WOW.

Tek13: But I suppose the most exciting thing we’re working on at the moment is our first OTP exhibition which is going to be held in Shoreditch in December. It’s really a collaborative design project. We want to show that there are many dimensions to our art work. We specialize in freestyling as well as pre-designed stuff, I use stencils a lot, we paint, we spray ,we draw…there’s a whole lot going on, which is the key to the irony behind our name – One Trick Pony. Our exhibition is going to bring that together.

Me: Sounds amazing…can i come?

Tek13: Of Course.

Me: Awesome. And lastly then..any words of advice you can give me for me as I embark on my own first street project ? Its going to be collage, not paint based and what I really want to do is have three variations of my design in three different locations in London.

Tek13: Mates of mine have been arrested and even put in prison. You have to remember that even when your producing something that you consider to be art, by law its still considered as vandalism so just be careful. Try not to do it in broad daylight on a main road where poilce cars will drive by every five minutes. That said, you have no previous convictions and you’ re girl so if anything were to happen just claim ignorance and you ll be sorted.

Me: Thanks –  ill let you know how it goes!

For more on Tek13 check out his myspace – www.myspace.com/tek13

and his crew  – www.otpdesign.com