ESCAPE with a Radiohead Remix


Theres nothing that I love more than a good Radiohead song so it follows suit that I’m also partial to a Radiohead remix.  Radiohead provide potential re-mixers with a myriad of extremely seductive music – a side effetct of their experimental electronic style. SO it is unsurprising that the internet is littered with remixes both official and un-official, rubbish and brilliant . There is even a website dedicated to the cause

So that you can avoid the “cutting the shit,” process here are my top three…in no particular order – they’re all pretty damm great

1. This one I stumbled upon last night….

It’s an Unofficial remix of Packed Like Sardine in a Crushed Tin by TLP

2. This is an official one by Josh Wink (who I saw DJ in Ibiza and was awesome by the way) Every Thing in Its Right Place would make it onto my Desert Island discs so full credit to Wink for producing a worthy remix.

3.  And thirdly another unofficial one is by Micromatic of In Rainbows’ Reckoner. I can’t find this one on the internet anywhere anymore which is a travesty because it is brilliant and should be shared, so here you go….

Reckoner – Micromatic remix


PEACE and enjoy.


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