ESCAPE with Kostas Seremetis and a rubber stamp

Brooklyn based artist Kostas Seremetis has just designed a new line of Tee Shirts for us. It’s the exciting launch of a new brand by The Hideout called HOP. Taking inspiration from retro comic books, Seremetis whipped us up “The Thing,” “Wolverine,” and “The Savage.” Tees are limited edition and available in store now. For more info visit the Hideout blog…

For more of Seremetis’s satirical and street infused retro designs check out his site. I particularly like his “Fuck Off,” Classical sculpture entitled “Since Then,”…and his Wookie montage sculptures.

Since Then
Since Then

We also have a new and very awesome HOP logo –  a Golden Sunshine Pyramid which I got this made into a rubber stamp last week. I have been fixated with the thing ever since because you may not know it yet but…stamping is REALLY FUN. Having quit stamping when stickers (could have been pogs…or gogos) replaced them as the cool thing to collect around about ’93, it was not until last year during a trip to Japan that I rediscovered the joys of the inked wooden block. With small stamping stalls conveniently dotted all over Kyoto, I was soon able to rebuild my collection with stamps that reflected my own unique and matured taste…purchasing  monkeys, clouds and angry manga stars to name but a few. From here I was able to come up with such pieces as “God Dam It!!, ” a work whose strength, I feel, lies in the  minimal use of varying colour  -my palette consisted only of green, and the distinct repetitive quality of its compositional construction.

God Damn It!!

God Damn It!!

To celebrate the invention of the new HOP logo we decided to get a commemorative stamp made. There’s a great shop called Blade Rubber right opposite the British Museum where you can get made to order stamps. Its a really cute and traditional store with little old ladies working there…no computers and an old school till. Take in, or Email them a JPEG of you design….you can have  whatever you want..and they will get it made for you FAST (to quench the thirst for stamping that I KNOW you are already feeling.) Once your stamp is made pick up some ink – I chose gold – and stamp your little heart out.

There is something about the simplicity of putting stamp to ink and ink to paper that captivates and soothes the soul. Or maybe it is just refreshing to partake in an activity that involves the use of about three brain cells and makes you feel like a six year old.



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